Unlock the Secrets of the Dark Web and Sovereign Decentralized Finance

Unlock the Secrets of the Dark Web and Sovereign Decentralized Finance

Unlock the Secrets of the Dark Web and Sovereign Decentralized Finance

After the curious implosion of FTX the crypto market became gripped with fear and stagnation mean while the poster child for capitalism is exposed as economic freedom of the everyday American citizen is no more, as the disillusion of artificial freedom rapidly fades away into recent memory. Hope in the form of decentralized digital currency rise among those that know the plans of the parasitic elite class. Unlocking the Secrets of Decentralized Finance is a document to guide us out of that plan.

After the first year of pandemic lock-downs the Global economy of all western nations went into downward spiral of no return. Than in 2021 a miracle happens the promise of Bitcoin and DeFi became a reality as the second wave of alternative currencies brings hope in the form of the NFT and Bitcoin climbing to almost 70 000 USD the roaring 20s was here again. The crypto winter was over the bitcoin halving was here and web 3.0 technology proved how Blockchain could fix the problems of the old antiquated system of fiat. Sadly the euphoria was short lived.
Like a script from a Hollywood movie the most popular well connected political crypto exchange to ever exists implodes.

The Future exchange or FTX just weeks earlier was worth $32 billion in cryptocurrency and overnight goes bankruptcy and takes the momentum of the market with it. Than the crypto market becomes the target of the main target of the SEC. While ignoring the close ties between the agency and the FTX players. As the media went full throttle the similarity between Made Off and Bank Man Freed became more and more apparent. As the SEC finally had an excuse to curtail the freedoms for everyday American citizens via the Crypto 911. And just in time on the heels of the Fed Coin and the global Central Bank Digital Currency FTX implodes and one year later paper Bitcoin is born in the form of ETF as Black-rock becomes the largest controller of the funds. Is anyone else seeing this? If you do than please then please read on.

During the Crypto technology boom of 2021 I wrote a document call “Tangible economic freedom with the Decentralized Financial Ecosystem” it outlines how to setup DeFi wallets and it links to exchanges no longer allowed to service AMERICA CITIZENS after Bank Man Freed Hollywood type script debacle. The information is still relevant but if you are American and you live in the land of the free and home of the brave you are not allowed to spend your money the way you like. The plan for you is to get you on the Central Bank Digital Currency. This way you can not Buy or Sell anything outside of what the owners of the Fiat tell you to. If this sounds horrible to you, you are not alone.

The Solution

If I were to tell you the solution to this problem was already solved and functioning how would you feel? If you said I would feel good than great keep feeling good because the roaring 20s is still here because the idea is still alive and well. Below is a list of technologies that have the potential to free humanity out of the grasp of this dying system of Fiat and bring humanity into an era not seen in thousands of years. Welcome to a renascence of truth, justice and freedom.

List of DeFi lending platforms
Let's first start with a list of Defi Lending Platform. You can do a search using Duck Duck Go and place in the search bar “Top 10 DeFi Lending Platforms” and a list of DeFi lending flows with abundance and below is a list of just a few.