Defi Jedi Mastermind Access

Defi Jedi Mastermind Access

The Defi Jedi Mastermind Group is kind of like the wisdom counsel in the movie the Matrix. What I envision is a collective of freedom loving sovereign citizens, whom are aware of the chaotic direction humanity is heading but instead of complacency they are driven by action. This Mastermind collective have the knowledge to manifest in to reality the 1000 years of peace and prosperity.

- & for the rest, you can sign up for Bit Main Street Network

Be advised time and space are limited for the Mastermind Group. Not everyone that signs up will be selected, if your are NOT selected and you paid for the Mastermind membership you will receive a full refund. At the moment I am building websites and BTC wallets for Entrepreneurs only. You can fill out the form on the Bit Main Street Network Market Place and I will see if you qualify.

How to access the Market-Place and Sovereign Network

Step One
To access the website you first need to signup and select the Bit Main Street Network plan to create an account. This will allow you to use all of the services available. This will also give you access to the Online Marketplace for future services.

Step Two
You have to use the Tor browser. The server is built using the NGINX proxy technology and the hidden services are only accessible via the Onion browser. After you install the browser you can access the platform. Open a separate Onion browser instance to copy and paste the access code from your email.

Step Three
Click on the link below to access the Bit Main Street platform. If this is your first time using Onion browser you have to be patient, the content is severed over anonymous communication technology and it takes time to load. Looking forward to meeting you.